COVID19 Disease Map, a computational knowledge repository of virus-host interaction mechanisms


We hereby describe a large-scale community effort to build an open-access, interoperable, and computable repository of COVID-19 molecular mechanisms - the COVID-19 Disease Map. We discuss the tools, platforms, and guidelines necessary for the distributed development of its contents by a multi-faceted community of biocurators, domain experts, bioinformaticians, and computational biologists. We highlight the role of relevant databases and text mining approaches in enrichment and validation of the curated mechanisms. We describe the contents of the map and their relevance to the molecular pathophysiology of COVID-19 and the analytical and computational modelling approaches that can be applied to the contents of the COVID-19 Disease Map for mechanistic data interpretation and predictions. We conclude by demonstrating concrete applications of our work through several use cases.

Molecular Systems Biology, (17), 10, pp. e10387,
Arnau Montagud
Arnau Montagud
Researcher on Systems Biology / Data Science / Models

My research interests include Boolean and multiscale modelling, data analyses and data integration.