Artificial Intelligence–Aided Precision Medicine for COVID-19: Strategic Areas of Research and Development


Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can play a key role in preventing, detecting, and monitoring epidemics. In this paper, we provide an overview of the recently published literature on the COVID-19 pandemic in four strategic areas: (1) triage, diagnosis, and risk prediction; (2) drug repurposing and development; (3) pharmacogenomics and vaccines; and (4) mining of the medical literature. We highlight how AI-powered health care can enable public health systems to efficiently handle future outbreaks and improve patient outcomes.

Journal of Medical Internet Research, (23), 3, pp. e22453,
Arnau Montagud
Arnau Montagud
Researcher on Systems Biology / Data Science / Models

My research interests include Boolean and multiscale modelling, data analyses and data integration.